Diatec, Creative Matt Textured Paper, 240 g

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Matt, bright white

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Acid-free structured art paper which consists of 100 % cotton fibers and is improved with a special matt coating.


Instant dry
Water-resistant coating
100% cotton base, backside naturally brown without optical brightener
excellent colour rendering
durability pigmented inks


Indoor Short-Term Promotions: In-house advertising for e.g. promotion at concerts, theatres, cinemas or shopping malls. Framed Art: “Reproduction or creation of new works of art”, like digital airbrush.

Ink Compatibilities:


Ink with Dye : Aqueous dye-based ink systems, whereby the colourant behaves like sugar in water. These inks deliver high colour saturation but are more sensitive to the ozone and UV-light than watery pigment inks: we therefore strongly recommend glass framing or lamination for long-term indoor application.

Aqueous Pigmented Ink: to be printed with aqueous pigmented based ink systems, used on Thermal-, Bubble- and Piezo- Jet printers. The ink colorant (pigment) does not dissolve or behaves like chalk in water. Outdoor ink.

Latex Ink: infra red curing ink, e.g. Latex ink as used in the HP DJ L65500, which adheres of most flat and clean surfaces. Process needs heat resistant media, which does not shrink during the print cycle.

Quick dry: The special coating effects that ink will be absorbed in a fraction of a second therefore applications can follow directly after printing.

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